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Little Snow Dance Studio is located in Denver Metro Area. Our dance studio takes happiness as its teaching purpose and provide you with professional guidance and training. All classes are divided into various levels for children and adults. The children's groups start from cognition of the child's body and direction, gradually strengthen the training of flexibility, strength, coordination, etc., and combine with the techniques of Traditional Chinese dance, so that technical skills and dance can be integrated. The adult group strengthens the body by learning to dance, can improve the flexibility and coordination of the body, and playing the role of self-cultivation and temperament, so that the body and mind can be relaxed. Dance training can not only bring artistic temperament and physical beauty, but also help build students' self-confidence and cultivate personality charm.

Dance Studio Owner and Instructor

- Mengxue (Michelle) Zhang


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Our Believes

“ Talent sometimes can not bring everything, but hard work maybe can. We know and accept our own ordinaries, but we can do our best to make differences. In the world of dance, the glory will never come to us if we are just waiting at the same place. We need to work hard to be successful. "

“天赋不可以带来的东西, 或许努力可以。请接受自己的普通,然后拼尽全力去与众不同。”

Little Snow Dance Studio Owner

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6940 S Holly Circle, Centennial, CO 80112


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